We are a global leader in providing advanced TMR sensor technology solutions to leading designers and manufacturers of industrial, automotive and consumer electronics.

We are the developer of XtremeSense® TMR advanced sensor technology that provides the highest sensitivity, the lowest power consumption and smallest size by comparison to other dated magnetic technologies such as Hall, AMR and GMR.

Research and Development Group

Our key R&D center for our technology development is located in Grenoble, France. Our staff includes several PhD engineers and industry recognized leaders in the field of magnetics and semiconductor design and development. We are pioneering Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology bringing it out of the engineering lab and into volume production. This team also helped install our technology in a high volume wafer manufacturing facility in Israel enabling us to support volume manufacturing.

Growth of the Magnetic Sensor Market

Overall Magnetic
Sensor Market
8.5% Overall CAGR 21’-25

Current Sense

Position Sense

xMR Displacing Legacy Hall Effect Sensors

Magnetic Sensor
TAM for Hall & xMR

Magnetic Sensor
TAM for xMR