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We’ve enabled many previously unachievable breakthroughs in magnetic technology implementation.
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Industrial Applications

Magnetic sensors are used in many industrial applications for contactless current sensing, linear and angular position, and rotation sensing. Crocus’ magnetic sensors are designed to provide superior performance in all of these applications. Crocus’ magnetic sensor products are based on its innovative and patented XtremeSense® TMR technology.

In contrast to Hall devices that generally have low sensitivity, our magnetic sensors exhibit a far higher sensitivity, representing several orders of magnitude, low power consumption, high temperature operation, high frequency operation in the Mhz range, and reliability performance.

Magnetic Sensors for PDUs

The growth in cloud computing and big data analytics is one of the main drivers in the increase in demand for data centers and servers. The PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a critical part of the data center infrastructure. As the demand for data centers has risen, so has the need for PDUs. PDU equipment is used to supply AC or DC electrical power to servers.

Typically, the PDU provides power filtering and intelligent load balancing together with remote monitoring.

Robotics & Factory Automation

The adoption of robotics for factory automation is seeing high growth. Both linear and angular position sensing are imperative to carry out complex motor movements with high precision, repeatability and accuracy. With the need for faster more efficient production lines, magnetic sensors are also used for linear and angular sensing, safety switches, and proximity detection. Crocus sensors provide contactless measurement with high reliability and high performance to address the next generation of factory automation with robotics.

White Goods

New regulatory requirements for energy and water conservation in appliances can only be accomplished through additional intelligent sensing. Crocus magnetic sensors provide the added intelligence for open/close door detection, fluid level, and contactless current sensing. Crocus sensors meet the high reliability and accuracy requirements demanded in new stringent appliance regulations for cooking and laundry appliances to vacuum cleaners and refrigerators.


When it comes to alternative energy such as with wind and solar, magnetic sensors provide contactless current sensing, angular position sensing and switches. For wind power, the angular position sensing allows for optimal wind power generation, while contactless current sensors provide solutions for power inverters and solar combiner boxes. Switches can also assist with safety applications in high voltage environments.

Consumer Electronics

Magnetic sensors have gained traction in many consumer applications. These involve solutions based on current sensing, switching, position sensing and angular sensing. We design our magnetic sensors to provide superior performance in all of these applications.

Most of the applications in consumer products involve switching and current sensing. A number of products that use switching include cases and covers to protect smartphones and tablet screens, as well as laptops.

Magnetic sensors are widely used in a variety of consumer products such as printers, scanners, cameras, and flat panels. One of the fastest growing applications of magnetic sensors is mobile navigation – the electronic compass is a must have feature in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Magnetic field sensors are also commonly found in gaming consoles and in many products with smart features.


The demand for EV Charging will continue to grow over the coming years as more electric vehicles are produced. A key component in both off-board & on-board charging is the isolated current sensor. In combination with new GaN/SiC devices and power architectures it is increasing the efficiency and reducing the size and weight of the power supply.

The ability of XtremeSense™ TMR sensors to offer highly precise measurements of current over extreme temperature ranges make it ideally suited for this applications. In many areas it is replacing large size and weight Current Transducers (CT) with smaller TMR sensors.