Green Energy

When it comes to alternative energy such as with wind and solar, magnetic sensors provide contactless current sensing, angular position sensing and switches. For wind power, the angular position sensing allows for optimal wind power generation, while contactless current sensors provide solutions for power inverters and solar combiner boxes. Switches can also assist with safety applications in high voltage environments.

Electric Vehicles

EV Charging

The demand for EV Charging will continue to grow over the coming years as more electric vehicles are produced. A key component in both off-board & on-board charging is the isolated current sensor. In combination with new GaN/SiC devices and power architectures it is increasing the efficiency and reducing the size and weight of the power supply.

The ability of XtremeSense® TMR sensors to offer highly precise measurements of current over extreme temperature ranges makes it ideally suited for this application. In many areas, it is replacing large size and weight Current Transducers (CT) with smaller TMR sensors.

Power Delivery Unit (PDU)

The growth in cloud computing and big data analytics is one of the main drivers in the increase in demand for data centers and servers. The PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a critical part of the data center infrastructure. As the demand for data centers has risen, so has the need for PDUs. PDU equipment is used to supply AC or DC electrical power to servers.

Typically, the PDU provides power filtering and intelligent load balancing together with remote monitoring.


Robotics & Factory Automation

Magnetic sensors are used in many industrial applications for current sensing, linear and angular position sensing, and rotation sensing. Crocus’ magnetic sensors are designed to provide superior performance in all of these applications. Improved accuracy and fast response time ensure accurate adjustment and smooth operation. In contrast to Hall devices that generally have low sensitivity, XtremeSense® TMR sensors have high sensitivity and better signal-to-noise ratio. This results in several orders of magnitude improvement in accuracy.

Industrial Automation

One of the key aspects of almost every machine used in Industrial Automation is a motor to control or drive a specific application. Efficient and accurate control of the motor translates to smaller motors. XtremeSense® TMR with fast response time and high accuracy current sensing improves the efficiency of controlling the motor. The high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio of TMR provides very accurate position data resulting in improved torque control.

Power Supply

At the heart of many power electronics is the power supply. From EV Chargers and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) to Battery Chargers and LED Lighting they all require an efficient and accurate power supply. XtremeSense® TMR brings nanosecond response time combined with high precision current sensing to offer tight regulation over temperature.

Safety is a critical part of the power supply and Crocus products exceed industry standards regarding isolation providing an additional level of robustness. We are advancing the engineers expectations as it relates to meeting the latest IEC and UL standards.

Medical Wearables

Sensors based on the ability to sense magnetic fields have gained traction in many remote patient monitoring applications. The ability to offer hermetically sealed and battery powered wearable medical devices continues to expand.

The low power consumption of the XtremeSense® TMR sensor offers a new level of performance compared to existing solutions. This directly translates into longer battery life or smaller battery. In these applications magnets are used to generate a field and the high sensitivity of the XtremeSense® TMR sensor enables the use of smaller or lower cost magnetics.

White Goods

New regulatory requirements for energy and water conservation in appliances can only be accomplished through additional intelligent sensing. Crocus magnetic sensors provide the added intelligence for open/close door detection, fluid level, and contactless current sensing. Crocus sensors meet the high reliability and accuracy requirements demanded in new stringent appliance regulations for cooking and laundry appliances to vacuum cleaners and refrigerators.