Crocus Technology Unveils CT40x, Expands its Industry-Leading Portfolio of XtremeSense® TMR Magnetic Sensors with the Best Performance-to-Cost Balance.

Milpitas, CA., June 13, 2023 – Crocus Technology, the leader in TMR magnetic sensor technology, is thrilled to unveil the CT40x, a new industry standard for current sensing solutions that enables an outstanding balance of performance and cost without compromise. The CT40x revolutionizes current sensing in today’s dynamic and demanding environments with unparalleled performance and exceptional accuracy addressing all contact and contactless current sensing applications.

The CT40x is engineered to provide comprehensive features that empower engineers and system integrators to achieve unmatched performance and efficiency. Supporting both AC and DC current measurements, the CT40x seamlessly integrates into diverse power systems and applications. It offers ratiometric output from the supply voltage, ensuring accurate and consistent measurements even in dynamic operating conditions. The CT40x arrives pre-calibrated with factory-trimmed sensitivity and output voltage, eliminating the need for additional calibration and saving valuable installation time and effort. CT40x provides flexibility in power supply requirements supporting both 3.3V and 5V.

The CT40x will be available in multiple package options for contact and contactless sensing. For contact current sensing, there is an impressive range of ±10A to ±65A; for contactless current sensing, there is no limit to the amount of current measurable in the application.

The Contactless CT40x is capable of high resolution measurements thanks to its high SNR with detectivity at ~ 5μT. It also offers immunity to stray magnetic fields through differential sensing without the need for shields and concentrators. The CT40x caters to a broad spectrum of applications, from low- power devices to high-performance systems. It boasts exceptional immunity to common mode fields (- 40dB), ensuring precise readings even in the presence of external interference. The CT40x’s remarkable bandwidth of 500 kHz captures rapid current fluctuations with precision, enabling real-time monitoring and rapid response. It exhibits an outstanding typical total error of less than ±3% FS (-40 ̊C to 125 ̊C), providing confidence in its accuracy and reliability across a wide range of operating temperatures.

The CT40x TMR sensor brings performance without compromise against existing legacy Hall and MR alternatives, enabling the market-wide adoption of TMR technology. It offers pin-to-pin compatibility, making it a seamless replacement for Hall sensors while providing long-awaited performance improvements. Compared to resistor shunts, the CT40x offers a smaller size, greater efficiency and inherent galvanic isolation, eliminating the need for bulky and power-consuming shunt resistors. Compared to traditional CT (current transformer) solutions such as those used in server rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs), the CT40x boasts a smaller footprint and lower cost, providing a more compact and cost-effective current sensing solution. With its superior features and advantages, the CT40x establishes itself as a compelling choice for designers, engineers and manufacturers requiring enhanced performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in their current sensing applications.

The CT40x delivers an array of benefits and advantages that enhance its value proposition. Its exceptional immunity to external interference ensures accurate measurements, even in electromagnetically noisy environments, providing reliable and consistent results. With a total error of well less than 1% typical and a max error of less than 3% over the full temperature range, the CT40x surpasses industry standards, guaranteeing precise current measurements under varying operating conditions. Designed to meet UL and IEC isolation standards, the CT40x assures compliance and safety in diverse applications.

The CT40x finds applications across a wide range of industries and sectors, similar to the CT41/2/3x, though targeted toward the high-volume, cost-sensitive segments which still demand performance. In solar and power inverters, it enables precise current sensing, enhancing system efficiency and performance. For motor drives, the CT40x’s exceptional accuracy and wide current range allow precise control and monitoring. In HVAC, UPS, and various EV charging applications, it ensures efficient operation and system protection. Additionally, the CT40x enhances current sensing capabilities in residential and industrial equipment, from home appliances to industrial products, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and energy efficiency.

“The CT40x represents a breakthrough in current sensing technology and complements our ever-growing portfolio of state-of-the-art contact and contactless XtremeSense TMR-based products without the need for built-in concentrators which impede performance” said President and CEO Zack Deiri. “CT40x is proof that Crocus TMR can provide the performance-to-cost balance required by many market segments while offering the highest SNR, unparalleled accuracy, and high response time to critical events. This performance-to-cost ratio is unattained by any other existing technologies. We are confident that the CT40x will redefine the standards of current sensing and drive innovation in various industries.”

The CT40x is sampling now! Please contact your local representative, distributor, or email Crocus at [email protected]. For more information about the CT40x and its capabilities, please visit the CT40x product page.

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Crocus Technology is a global leader in providing advanced TMR sensor technology solutions to leading designers and manufacturers of industrial, automotive and consumer electronics. We are the developer of XtremeSense TMR advanced sensor technology that provides the highest sensitivity, the lowest power consumption and smallest size by comparison to other dated magnetic technologies such as Hall, AMR and GMR. Founded in 2006, we are a privately held, VC-backed company. With over 300 patents issued and more than 150 pending, Crocus Technology is a global leader in the advanced TMR sensor market. We are headquartered in Milpitas, California, with an R&D facility in Grenoble, France. www.crocus-


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