CT8xx Digital TMR Latch

The CT8xx series of integrated TMR latches and analog sensor are designed for consumer and industrial applications. This family of products are available in unipolar, bipolar and omnipolar configurations and can either support open drain or push-pull digital outputs. It is based on Crocus’ patented Magnetic Logic Unit (MLU) technology and integrated with CMOS functionality to provide a complete solution.
With very high sensitivity, the CT8xx products enable larger air gaps or smaller size/lower cost magnets to be used in systems while also drawing supply current as low as 200 nA. Available in an industry stand 3-lead SOT23 and small form factor 4-lead LGA packages to support both consumer and industrial applications.



Digital Magnetic TMR Switch

CT51x digital magnetic switch devices based on TMR technology, Magnetic Logic Unit™ (MLU™) accommodate a wide range of applications with larger air gaps, smaller magnetic fields, and significantly lower power consumption. The CT51x magnetic TMR switch enables high-accuracy position detection, control and power switching functions with high sensitivity and reliability that system designers demand for today’s IoT. consumer and industrial applications.

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