General Job Description:

Hands on experience working with and setting up testers, probers, meters and other lab equipment in a semiconductor engineering lab environment. Responsible for operating and setup of laser programing machine. Able to perform Incoming and outgoing inspection of 8” wafers. Also support engineering activities including but not limited to wafer sort and final test setup, magnetic setup at wafer level, conduct tests and collect data.

Complex Tasks:

  1. Able to setup different types of semiconductor equipment.
  2. Able to operate the semiconductor equipment.
  3. Inspect products and processes for flaws and identify areas of improvement.
  4. Conduct tests and collect data.
  5. Prepare and conduct experiments.
  6. Calculate or record results during experiments.

Organizational Skills:

  1. Must be able to perform tasks without direct supervision.
  2. Must have the organizational skills to consistently meet schedule requirements and commitments.
  3. Assist engineers as they create, modify, and test products and processes.
  4. Quality first mindset evident in quality of work and organization of workspace.
  5. Understanding and experience working in a class 10K cleanroom environment.

Team and People Skills:

  1. Able to work effectively with engineering team.
  2. Understand specific roles within the team and maintain both personal focus and group vision.
  3. Effective communication and sense of ownership and accountability.

Projects and deliverables:
Deliverables for a project include but are not limited to:

  1. Operate the Laser Programing machine.
  2. Ensure proper operation of all equipment by performing audits and maintaining checklists,
  3. Support engineering for data collection.
  4. Support engineering to setup Probers and Testers.

Basic Qualifications:

Must possess good written and verbal communications skills.

Job Requirements:

  1. Minimum High School Diploma, preferred AA with 5 years of experience.
  2. Hands on experience in a semiconductor environment with specific experience in equipment setup.
  3. Experience using Microscope for incoming and outgoing wafer inspection.
  4. Ability to read, analyze and interpret engineering and machine instructions.
  5. Able to perform the work without or with minimum supervision.
  6. Other activities as may be required.