Generic Job Description:

Responsible for developing test hardware for Wafer Sort and Final Test as well as test programs for new sensor product. A key requirement for this position is to develop probe cards for new products using Chroma, J750 and Eagle ETS-64 or similar test platforms. Probe card development requires external component to complement the tester specifications to meet product test requirements. Candidate must also be able to develop test programs for various test platforms outlined above. Additional functions include but not limited to yield enhancement, test time reduction and quality improvement programs. This position will require extensive experience and knowledge in test platform development utilizing prober, ATE platforms and test algorithm development. The position must work closely with design engineers, Application / System engineers and product engineers to ensure that the test platform will meet current and future production test requirements. The ideal candidate must be able to clearly articulate his/her ideas and manage projects efficiently and effectively. Some travel as well as extensive remote support may be required for overseas hardware and software support.

Complex Tasks:

  1. Design and manufacture probe cards at vendors, Final Test hardware design and development,
  2. Develop Test Programs for Wafer Sort, Final Test, and Characterization for J750, Chroma and ETS64,
  3. Validation and characterization of Magnetic Sensor product,
  4. This job requires proficiency using Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Auto Wafer Probers, Manual Wafer Probers and Handlers.

Management/Organizational Skills:

  1. Must be able to effectively manage/drive complex technical issues with Design Team, Application/ System team, Technology Team,
  2. Must have the organizational skills to consistently meet schedule requirements and commitments,
  3. Ability to manage and cope with changing priorities,

Team and People Skills:

  1. Able to work effectively with cross functional teams across geographical boundaries,
  2. To clearly communicate functional needs to various teams in order to develop test software and hardware to specification meeting requirements established for product in development,
  3. Understand specific roles within the team and maintain both personal focus and group vision,

Project Deliverables Including but not limited to:

  1. Design new hardware, probe cards, Final Test load boards,
  2. Maintain and support probe cards and package test hardware,
  3. Develop software and validate with characterization plan,
  4. Design burn-in boards and device qualification is a plus,
  5. Deliver fully functional and robust hardware for the items above,
  6. Deliver Wafer Sort, Final Test, Reliability, Quality and Characterization Programs,
  7. Calibration and characterization of magnetic source is a plus.

Basic Qualifications:

Circuit knowledge of various analog and digital blocks is a must. In particular, experience with Magnetic Sensor products. Experience in designing and developing probe cards for various test platforms. Experience in planning and execution of complex projects to critical deadlines. Must possess good written and verbal communication skills.

Job Requirements:

  1. Minimum BSEE with 5-10 years of experience; MSEE preferred,
  2. Design and maintain probe cards and Final Test Hardware,
  3. Characterization test program and hardware development experience,
  4. Strong technical knowledge of electronic devices, circuits, and analog test techniques,
  5. Data analysis and statistical skills,
  6. Experienced with various lab equipment such as scopes, power supplies, signal generators, etc.
  7. Understanding of the IC product development process from concept to volume production,
  8. Ability to read, analyze and interpret technical procedures, operating and maintenance instructions,
  9. Ability to apply mathematical operations to such tasks as frequency distribution, determination of test reliability and validity, analysis of variance, correlation techniques, sampling theory and factor analysis,
  10. Ability to utilize knowledge of programming techniques, electronic test equipment and test specifications to develop test program within an acceptable time frame,
  11. In-depth understanding of the test processes and equipment to reduce the time spent performing engineering tasks,
  12. Ability to effectively interface with other departments to obtain, verify, or provide information.


  • Please submit CV/resume to Crocus