Crocus Technology is seeking a Staff Analog & Mixed-Signal IC Verification Engineer to create innovative products in a fast-paced and collaborative team environment.  The engineer will be hands-on with all phases of R&D including product definition, system analysis, circuit design, layout, verification, bring-up, DVT, qualification, test and production ramp-up.  As a member of a vertically-integrated team, the engineer will be directly supporting system level customers and will be closely working with product, operations and reliability teams.

The engineer must be an expert in analog IC design – including but not limited to high-performance & high-accuracy design across multiple process technologies.  The role is not digital design and is not digital design verification (DV).  The engineer must be an expert in analog and mixed-signal circuit and system verification.  A demonstrated ability to synthesize compelling solutions from complex requirements while meeting product and operational constraints is critical.  The self-motivated engineer must be able to anticipate problems and devise effective solutions.  This is a high impact position with significant visibility.


Responsible for analog & mixed-signal IC front-end verification, foundry compliance definition & compliance, thermal simulation & measurement, EMIR analysis, HCI/NBTI analysis, reliability analysis and semiconductor device measurement & characterization.

Contribute to all aspects of IC product development, including product definition, system analysis, circuit design, layout, verification, foundry compliance, bring-up, DVT, failure analysis, qualification, test, production ramp-up, release to manufacture and systems customer support.

Work with cross-functional systems & design teams to define the IC products, ascertain design feasibility, assess process technology options and devise the IC electrical, thermal and reliability specifications.

Key verification responsibilities include ownership of blocks, subsystems and/or top level designs.  The engineer will conduct analog & mixed-signal front-end verification, provide design & verification support for design engineers and conduct semiconductor device measurement & characterization.  The engineer will ensure the designs meet electrical and thermal specifications, process variations, design rules as well as manufacturing, design-for-test and reliability guidelines.

The engineer will work closely with design, CAD, product and test engineering teams to devise and conduct DVT plans, characterization and compliance matrix evaluation, qualification, failure analysis and corrective action as well as yield analysis and optimization.

Minimum Expertise Requirements:

  • Expert in analog and mixed-signal IC design concepts and must demonstrate superior critical thinking skills, problem solving capabilities and engineering judgment
  • Fluent with analog EDA front and back-end tools
    • Cadence Virtuoso, ADE
    • SKILL programming
    • Mentor Calibre (end user support and rule deck writing)
  • Detailed understanding of layout concepts and guidelines
  • FlexLM license management
  • Strong UNIX/Linux and scripting language (Perl/TCL/csh/etc)
  • Linux/Windows hardware, server storage, networking, infrastructure set-up, maintenance, debug capabilities
  • Not required but preferred
    • Perforce
    • Ocean scripting
    • Linux OS support
    • Custom Pcell development
    • Custom PDK development

Education Requirements:

  • BS 8+ years – MS/PhD preferred
  • MS 5+ years
  • PhD 3+ years

Minimum Expertise Requirements:

The engineer must be an expert in front-end analog & mixed-signal IC verification.  The engineer must demonstrate superior critical thinking skills, problem solving capabilities and engineering judgment.

Expertise with high-performance and high-precision analog ICs for industrial and automotive applications is strongly preferred.  Expertise with high-performance transceiver, data converter or frequency control architectures and circuits would be an asset.

Expertise with CMOS, bipolar, BiCMOS, BCD and high-voltage process technologies is required.

Expertise with advanced techniques for test bench development, performance simulations, corner simulations, regression analysis, mixed-mode co-simulation and RLC parasitic extraction & simulation is required.  Familiarity with EM & SI analysis would be an asset.  Expertise with thermal simulation, EMIR analysis and HCI/NBTI analysis is strongly preferred.

A deep understanding of high-performance and high-accuracy analog IC layout techniques is required.  Strong skills with layout tools and physical verification tools preferred.

Strong skills with device physics and impact on analog circuits and techniques to improve performance required.

Strong skills with bipolar, CMOS, passive structure and interconnect failure modes and methods to ascertain and improve reliability required.  Familiarity with ESD/LU design techniques would be an asset.

Semiconductor device electrical & thermal measurement & characterization expertise is required.  Semiconductor device modeling expertise would be an asset.  Familiarity with test structure definition, development and evaluation would be an asset.

Strong skills with laboratory evaluation, debug, DVT, failure analysis and qualification (HTOL/ESD/LU) required. Familiarity with ATE production flows would be an asset.  Familiarity with DFT methods to improve ATE efficiency would be an asset.  Familiarity with ATE yield and failure Pareto analysis required.

Strong skills with VerilogA and CAD scripting languages (Skill, python, shell scripts) is required.

Familiarity with statistical analysis would be an asset.  Proficiency with several SW languages (Visual Basic.NET, C, C++, MATLAB) would be an asset.

Minimum Experience Requirements:

The engineer must have specified, designed, verified, characterized, qualified, ramped to production and introduced to market at least 2-3 analog designs including key blocks, subsystems and/or top level.

The engineer must be a team player who can participate in a fast-paced and collaborative team environment.

Strong time management and project management skills are required. Detail oriented with all aspects of technical work. Experienced with engineering documentation and control processes, version control processes, bug tracking.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.


  • Please submit CV/resume to Crocus