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Crocus’ magnetic sensor products are based on its unique MLU-patented technology. These magnetic sensors exhibit a far higher sensitivity, representing several orders of magnitude.and include TAS and DTAP – differential programming, small footprint, galvanic and thermal isolation, low power, high temperature operation, high frequency operation in the Mhz range, and reliability performance. Magnetic sensor products include multiple architectures from single-ended magnetoresistor to differential architectures. These are suitable for harsh environment applications in the energy sector: such as oil drilling, fluid level measurements or solar energy solutions that involve solar inverters.

Digital TMR Latch

The new integrated CT8xx Series Latch with analog output is the first switch in the industry to offer dual outputs in a miniature 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.44 mm LGA package. By providing both a digital and analog output…

Contactless TMR Field Sensor

The CT219 is a magnetic field sensor based on TMR-based technology, Magnetic Logic Unit™ (MLU™) that can measure current from the induced magnetic field of the current carrying conductor.

Digital TMR Rotation/Speed Sensor

Crocus rotation/speed sensors detect rotating shaft speed. The digital CT572 detects magnets imbedded in a shaft-mounted pulser wrap/disc.

TMR Angular Sensor

Crocus angular sensors detect the absolute angular orientation of an on-axis 2-pole magnet rotating over the center of the sensor

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