XtremeSense® TMR Sensor

1 MHz, High Precision XtremeSense® TMR
Isolated Current Sensor in SOIC-8 package


The CT41x family is a high bandwidth, fast response and ultra-low noise integrated contact current sensors that use Crocus Technology’s patented XtremeSense® TMR technology to enable high accuracy current measurements for many consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications. It supports eight (8) current ranges where the integrated current carrying conductor (CCC) will handle up to 65 A of current and generates a current measurement as a linear analog output voltage. It achieves a total output error of ±1.0% full-scale (FS) over voltage and the full temperature range.

The CT41x family is offered in an industry standard 8-lead SOIC package that is “green” and RoHS compliant.

Product features and performance​

  • CT415 & CT418 (5.0 V version), CT416 & CT417 (3.3 V version)
  • Integrated 0.5 mΩ Conductor
  • Total Error Output: 1% FS (typ.)
  • 300 ns Response Time, 1 MHz Bandwidth
  • Noise as Low as 9 mARMS
  • Immunity to Common Mode Field: -40 dB
  • Rated Isolation Voltage: >2.5 kVRMS
  • UL/IEC 62368-1 and UL1577 Certification
  • IEC 61000-4-5 Certified
  • AC or DC Current Range:
    • +20.0 ADC / ±20.0 APK
    • +30.0 ADC / ±30.0 APK
    • +50.0 ADC / ±50.0 APK
    • +65.0 ADC / ±65.0 APK
  • Pin #6 Functionality
    • CT417 & CT418: Over-Current Detection Output Pin
    • CT415 & CT416: Enhanced Filter to Lower Noise

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