XtremeSense® TMR Sensor

500 kHz Bandwidth, High Accuracy Current Sensor
Contact and Contactless

The CT40x product line features contact and contactless current sensors based on XtremeSense® TMR

CT403x and CT402x contact sensors are available in SOIC-8 and SOICW-16 package options featuring up to 5kV isolation voltage. The TMR sensor is differential which enables common-mode field rejection to cancel out stray magnetic fields. The primary conductor is only 0.5 mOhm which enables the sensor to withstand high in-rush current and minimize power loss.

CT4051 and CT4052 are contactless, coreless, non-intrusive XtremeSense® TMR based current sensor. Both are suitable in applications that require measuring high currents >100A and/or application that require high galvanic isolation. CT4052 is also a differential sensors which enables contactless current sensing without external shielding.

Product features and performance​

  • Total Error Output: ±1% (typ.)
  • DC to 500kHz Bandwidth
  • Noise as Low as 9.0 mARMS
  • Integrated 0.5 mΩ Conductor
  • Common Mode Field Rejection: -40 dB
  • 3.3V and 5V Supply Voltage
  • 7mA Current Draw
  • 10nF Capacitive Drive Capability
  • Ratiometric Output Voltage
  • Rated Isolation Voltage: >5 kVRMS
  • UL/IEC 62368-1 and UL1577 Certification
  • 700 ns Response Time
  • -40C to 125C Operating Temperature