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CT130 Infographic


How CT130 Stacks Up — Crocus TC130 Compared to GaAs, InAs, and InSb Hall Sensors

CT130 Product Brief

Product Brief

XtremeSense® Z-Axis TMR Analog Sensor
CT130: Key Advantages of Superior Sensing Solution

CT433 Product Brief

Product Brief

Product brief on the CT433 with performance measurements.

CT432 Product Brief

Product Brief

Product brief on the CT432 with performance measurements.

CT431 Product Brief

Product Brief

Product brief on the CT431 with performance measurements.

What is XtremeSense™ TMR?

White Paper

As magnetic sensing demand continues to increase, driven by the applications and use cases that employ them, both in position and current sensing, the demands for performance and accuracy in sensor technology are rendering legacy solutions like Hall-effect and Shunt obsolete.

CT110 Product Brief

Product Brief

Product brief on the CT110 with performance measurements.

Power Meter – Reference Design

Design Files

Design files for AN136 Power Module reference design. (schematic, firmware, gerber)

HLSR Product Brief

Product Brief

Reference design overview to replace HLSR current sense module with a CT430.

CT430 Product Brief

Product Brief

Product brief on the CT430 with performance measurements.

CT220 Product Brief

Product Brief

Product brief on the CT220 with performance measurements.

CTD453 User Guide

User Guide

User guide of the CTD453 demo board to evaluate the CT453 in a contactless current sensing application.

CTD452 User Guide

User Guide

User guide of the CTD452 demo board to evaluate the CT452 in a contactless current sensing application.

AN136 – CT430 Power Measurement Module

Application Notes

Implementation of current sensing with a digital output in an energy metering applications.

AN135 – CT452-3 Slit Busbar Design

Application Notes

Design and operational principle of a busbar design with the CT452 & CT453 to achieve stray field immunity.

AN134 – CT43x Fuse Time vs. Current

Application Notes

Demonstration of SOIC-16 package performance with current surges above the rated nominal values due to short circuit or transient.

AN132 – Implementing CT43x in PDUs

Application Notes

Performance results from a PDU design with CT430. Architecture for a metered PDU with energy measurement at each outlet.

AN131 – CT43x Performance Overview

Application Notes

Overview of system level performance around linearity, accuracy, common mode field rejection and gain matching.

AN130 – CT43x Design Recommendations

Application Notes

Circuit and PCB layout recommendations for designing with the CT430 & CT431 current sensor.

AN129 – Calibration Guide for CT110 and CT220

Application Notes

Different methods of calibration for offset error and gain error.

AN128 – CT220 Reference Design for Contactless Current Sensing

Application Notes

Understand the behavior of the CT220 linear field sensor when used in a contactless current sense solution. PCB layout and CT220 design examples.

AN127 – CT110 Shunt System Replacement

Application Notes

Review the challenges of shunt resistor-based systems for current sensing. CT110 introduction to provide a no-compromise solution.

AN126 – Minimizing Angular Error (AE) by Orthogonality Correction

Application Notes

Amplitude mismatch (synchronism), offset and non-orthogonality between wheatstone bridges impact the accuracy of 2D angle measurements. Several correction methods to minimize the angle error (AE).

AN125 – Lead-free Solder Temperature Reflow Profile for Crocus Products

Application Notes

Temperature profile recommendation for lead-free reflow and belt speed.

AN124 – CT110 in Low Current Sensing Applications

Application Notes

Reference design for 15A application requiring good linearity and temperature stability. Capability of sensing current down to 10mA.

AN122 – Reducing Influence of External Fields on Magnetic Sensors

Application Notes

Using two sensors with their axis of sensitivity antiparallel and combining their output with a differential amplifier. Deploying a soft magnetic shield.

AN121 – TMR for Linear Motion Sensing

Application Notes

The construction and operational principle of Tunnel Magneto-resistance (TMR) are based on one-dimensional (1D) magnetic sensors.

AN120 – CT310 Application Guide

Application Notes

Guidelines and recommendations to implement the CT310 in angle sensing or rotation applications.

AN119 – TMR for 2D Angle Sensing

Application Notes

This paper covers the construction and operational principle of TMR based angle sensors produced by Crocus Technology.

AN118 – Non-intrusive Current Sensing Using CT100 TMR Linear Sensor

Application Notes

A comparison between TMR sensors, sense resistors, hall effect sensors and current transformers.

AN117 – From Hall Effect to TMR

Application Notes

This paper compares the century old Hall effect technology to xMR technologies, specifically TMR (tunnel magneto-resistance) from Crocus Technology.

AN116 – Implementing CT8131 BV in Liquid Level Sensors

Application Notes

Liquid level sensors are used in a variety of applications to indicate the remaining fluid level. The CT8131 is a high sensitivity magnetic latch which enables the use of a smaller size magnet.

AN109 – Smart Lock

Application Notes

New keyless, smart locks are emerging and replacing the traditional key deadbolt locks. The CT81xx will provide an extended battery life drawing 100nA of current


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