Since 2006, Crocus Technology has been a world leader in nanomagnetic and spin-electronics development with their patented revolutionary Tunneling MagnetoResistance (TMR) technology, Magnetic Logic Unit™ (MLU™).

MLU enables a number of previously unachievable breakthroughs in magnetic technology implementation, including ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors, highly robust secure embedded memory, ultra-high-temperature non-volatile memory (NVM) capable of operation well above 200° C.

The MLU technology has been developed as a platform technology for multiple products, from magnetic sensors, to memory, and security products. At the heart of the MLU technology is a thin film magnetoresistive device, the so-called Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ). In its simplest form the MTJ consists of two magnetic layers on both sides of a thin insulating layer. One layer has a fixed magnetic moment while the other can chance freely in the presence of a magnetic field.

When a magnetic field aligns with direction of the fixed layer, resistance is low. Resistance increases when applied field deviates from fixed layer direction. This change in resistance is the principle behind MLU’s high performance sensor technology.

Low Resistance vs High Resistance

MLU provides the highest sensitivity, the lowest power consumption,
and smallest size by comparison to the other older magnetic
technologies such as Hall, AMR, and GMR.

Crocus Technology: Intelligence in Sensing™