Webinar – Understanding and Overcoming Isolated Current Sensing Challenges in CCM Totem Pole PFC Designs

CCM Bridgeless Totem-Pole PFC Isolated Current Sense Design

The recording of the webinar with Rohollah Mazrae-Khoshki, Staff Application Engineer with Crocus Technology.

The educational 30-minute session is for design engineers involved in power supply design. Crocus recommends engineers consider how new power factor correction (PFC) architectures impact the current sensor. The curriculum is directed specifically to power supply design engineers at all levels, from vice president down to entry level.

The current industry trend has designers upgrading the PFC to take advantage of GaN/SiC power devices for higher efficiency but changing the power device alone is not the ideal solution.

What you will learn:

  • Impact on current sensing when changing to a Totem Pole PFC architecture
  • Solution comparisons for isolated current sensing
  • TMR isolated current sensor advantages

Key Details

  • Length: <30 minutes
  • Type: On-demand

Webinar - TP-PFC